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Cruising with the Chronosport – Lesablier’s Newest Chronograph

Lesablier is a brand that is building itself on watches that aren’t derivative of others in the market – no small feat these days. When they take on the task of designing and building a chronograph, you better believe it won’t be an existing, tried and true design. No, the Chronosport is its own breed. But clearly one that belongs within a family.

We were first introduced to Lesablier at 2021 LA Microlux event in downtown Los Angeles. They were stationed next to podcast alum Zakir of Haim Watch Company, who told us that we had to spend time learning about his newest friend’s latest release, the Sport Classic. The integrated steel bracelet sports watch may have been evocative of Royal Oak vibes from a distance, but when in the hand, it was very much its own thing and very cool. Playful use of aventurine, meteorite, and smoked fume/transparent dials, matched with a high execution of finishes, made the brand a memorable visit.

Fast forward to 2022 and Lesablier launched their latest Mecaquartz chronograph project – the Chronosport. Let’s get right to the dimensions. The 41 mm case, in 316L stainless steel, is deceptively smaller than advertised. This is probably due to the integrated bracelet and hooded lugs. Altogether, the lug to lug is a compact 46 mm. The Chronosport is 12.55 mm thick and sports a 20 mm lug width.

Powering the Chronosport is a Seiko VK64A Mecaquartz. The chronograph function is crisp, with a pleasing click to start and stop and a quick return to zero. We went hands on with the Indigo blue model, a classic matte blue with white and red accents. The bicompax configuration with recessed sub dials, tracks elapsed minutes on the 9 o’clock register and displays a 24 hour time on the 3 o’clock register. There is no running seconds. The tachymeter is tracked on a raised and sloped rehaute, completing the three level dial treatment. The sub dials on this model have concentric circle details and all of the markers are applied indices. Finally, a circular date window at 6 o’clock is framed elegantly and color matched. It feels intentional and within the motorsport spirit.

The angular case shape is immediately recognizable from the brand, this time as a twelve sided polygon – a dodecagon if you will. The Lesablier Sport Classic features an Octagon, but shares many of the finishes and bezel treatment. The top of the bezel is brushed, with polished facets along the side. This scalloped affect is pleasing from the top view, but from the profile is where it really shines. The lines dance together in a weave and at least to my eye, give off a ichthys shape. The first time I’ve ever used that to describe, well, anything.

Chronograph pushers are rectangular and stamped with “Start/Stop” and “Reset.” I really enjoy this playful utility. Shrouded by crown guards, the crown is signed with the Lesablier hourglass and the knurling is pronounced. It feels evocative of a tool you might reach for when wrenching on your car. The case back is a mix of frosted, brushed and polished finishes, the focal point being an engraving of steering wheel with that hourglass again at the center. It’s cohesive and well executed.

The bracelet grabs attention. The alternating finishes of the brushed surfaces and polished, octagonal center links, punches in a weight class far higher. Despite the quick release bracelet, you’ll likely want the Lesablier leather strap (available for additional purchase) as the internal dimensions of the hooded lugs require a strap adapter (provided) but ultimately changing the dimensions and wear ability. It'd be nicer to have some simpler strap options and have free reign on changing up strap combos. Truth be told, the Chronosport is probably best suited on its bracelet anyway, given its one of its strengths and the butterfly clasp won’t allow for much fine tuning.

The Chronosport had a successful pre-order on their Kickstarter that wrapped up September 28, 2022. Additional windows for ordering may be available, so keep in touch with Lesablier at

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