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Depth Charge: Pour something neat and dive in

On the podcast, we recently sat down with Jason Heaton, a man of many adventures and talents, to discuss a range of topics, including his first novel: Depth Charge. It's a great read, full of the action sequences you might expect from your favorite action adventure stories and movies while retaining a light and approachable reading cadence. On top of that, we get plenty of embedded, albeit relevant, watch and spirits nuggets throughout. If you haven't yet enjoyed the book, here is the synopsis as provided by Jason:

Julian “Tusker” Tusk, an American archaeologist, is excavating a shipwreck half a world from home when a research boat catches fire and sinks, killing an old friend. The tragedy sets in motion a dangerous quest for truth that pulls Tusker into a sinister plot spanning 75 years, from World War II Ceylon to modern day Sri Lanka. Along the way, he matches wits with a psychopathic mercenary, discovers a long lost ship with an explosive secret, and falls for a beautiful marine biologist who is at least as strong as he is. In the end, Tusker finds that the truth may lie at the bottom of the sea, with only one way back to the surface.

Depth Charge is an old school thriller in the tradition of Fleming, Maclean, and Cussler, with an eye for detail, cunning villains, and narrow escapes. The story is full of wartime secrets, the intersection of religion and politics, and the arcane world of deep technical diving. It takes readers from the smoky halls of 1940s London to the volatile, seductive heat of Sri Lanka and sixty fathoms under the Indian Ocean. Try not to hold your breath.

We've both enjoyed a nice pour while cozying up with this novel and would recommend it. It's a wonderful effort that Jason intends to follow up on, as he mentions in our chat. You can order signed copies directly from his website as well as on Amazon.

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2 opmerkingen

Steven Bremer
Steven Bremer
18 nov. 2021

Starting listening to you all because of the episode with Jason. I am now hooked. You guys do a great job. Looking forward to more podcasts and more content on this site.

23 nov. 2021
Reageren op

Thanks Steven, we're so glad to hear that! Jason has been a tremendous boost and we're looking forward to sharing more episodes with you. Cheers!

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