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Super Bowl LVI's Most Important Wager

The Super Bowl includes a flurry of activity aside from what actually happens during the actual 60 minutes of game time. From the media circus during the two weeks leading up to the game, to the anticipation of the commercials and halftime show, there is also a gambling related frenzy of odds, betting lines and prop bets. None were more important for Super Bowl LVI than that of the Spirit of Time and Whiskey & Watches podcasts.

From the moment the LA Rams and Cincinnati Bengals were named respective conference champions, forces were at play to make sure the preeminent watch-focused podcasts of the respective cities were engaged in a friendly wager. Mutual friends, such as Brodinkee, pointed out quickly that it was our destiny to be forever linked to this game. And in the spirit of putting skin in the game, to truly capture bragging rights, it was decided that beer was to be at stake. Not just any beer, but local beer. If we were to be stewards of our great cities in times of celebration, the winner certainly had to bask in delicious, hard earned, craft brew.

Sure, the game lived up to the hype, particularly in the second half. We'd be lying if we said things didn't feel a bit precarious as the 3rd quarter wound down. But, we knew the Rams had the talent and were playing in their hometown SoFi Stadium (truly a spectacle of sports stadiums). Part of us thinks they might have also heard about the monumental wager or both pride and beer that was on the line between our geographically represented podcasts.

And so, the rest is history. The Rams are Super Bowl champions, Spirit of Time gets to soak in celebratory brews, and the world got to witness the most important, high-stakes wager that the Super Bowl has ever witnessed.

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